This evening at 9:49 p.m. we enter the beginning of the semi-annual celestial event referred to a Mercury in Retrograde (MIR). If you’re confused go here first. 

I’ve been churning out blog posts almost uninterrupted throughout my rotator cuff recovery over the past 8 weeks and that was fantastic – it helped me feel a sense of normalcy while I coped and healed. I kept my eating super healthy and kept my commitments to being active and working out. Which means of course that a ton of things have been left unattended and undone.

I have a brand new iMac sitting unopened because I have to first figure out how to get 13,000+ photos off two separate hard drives, back them up, organize them, get them into off site storage before I migrate over to the new computer.

My financial planner needs me to give him a detailed accounting of out household budgets and expenditures in order to plan for retirement. Such fun! Oh, That looming pile of mail, the ignored emails, the state of my closet, and  how I just want to finish repainting a few rooms in the house and get those slip covers dry cleaned. I won’t even tell how about those two drawers that hold various USB’s, chargers, and every single electronic cord and charger that every belonged to anything electronic in the past 10 years. It stresses me out every time I open it.

It’s like when you’ve made pasta but the sink is full of dirty dishes and there is no place for the colander to fit. I’m literally out of hard drive space and things are slowing down – life is going retrograde to tell me to get this shit done. MIR says take a break, for the love of Mike, and get your life in order. 


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