Zodiac Fun: Get To Know VIRGO

Get to know Virgo

VIRGOANS are born between the 24th of August and the 22nd of September. I thought it would be fun to get to know what makes a Virgo tick; here’s what I found out:

Get to know VIRGO:

Virgos have excellent intellects but can lack self-confidence. They are usually in constant motion due to their abundance of nervous energy and make excellent workers, but they are prone to harsh criticisms.

A balanced Virgo will utilize regular positive physical and creative outlets for all their energy; which will foster a sense of inner calm for Virgos. If not, criticism and worry can dominate their self-talk and interactions with others and lead to problems. Virgos must strive to always balance their natural penchant for worry. This can be overcome by careful application of their ample analytical, critical, and practical gifts.

Virgos are known for being extremely practical, no-nonsense, and hard-working. They are usually talkative, lively in conversation, and possess the ability to clearly an succinctly communicate ideas. Virgos also have a natural affinity for details; but they can also get bogged down in the details of a problem and lose the ability see the larger perspective. Critical by nature; Virgos must constantly keep their nitpicking and nagging in check in to keep them from driving their loved ones crazy.

In partnerships, Virgos are by nature deeply caring and willing to extend themselves in service to others. They also often operate from a sense of modesty, and can seem standoffish and sometimes cold. Most Virgos are not huggers! Either way, it can be difficult for Virgos to accept the affections of others. This modesty or self-deprecation can also hinder their ability to fully express their feelings verbally or physically to their loved ones. Application of their analytical skills will help them to see the benefits of developing intimacy to overcome their reticence to connect and then they can relax into showing and receiving affection from their partners.

Virgos are usually neat, clean, and astute students & workers who love to keep busy. They make wonderful teachers, personal assistants, writers,  and do well in the medical profession.

Most Virgos love to be outside in nature and find great joy in gardening. They are well suited to the country; and find spending time in long walks and bike rides reviving. This sign is the most adapted to vegetarianism. They are prone to constipation and so do well eating plenty of natural fiber from a whole foods-based natural diet. Their constitutions are extremely sensitive to medication and prone to allergies, so they do best with alternative and homeopathic treatments. Yoga and meditation, along with regular exercise outdoors is the best balance to their nervous energy.

Positive Attributes:

Pratical, shy, meticulous, diligent, intelligent, modest, reliable, analytical

Negative Attributes:

Anxious, overly-critical, harsh, perfectionistic, fussy, nagging

VIRGO is a EARTH sign: 

Earth signs are practical; they are literally down to Earth! Known for their practicality and stability, they they engage with life through the five senses.

VIRGO has a changeable quality: 

Mutable signs are inherently flexible, adaptable, and thrive on change. Mutable signs bring people and ideas together.


Ruled by the planet Mercury. Relates to the nervous system, stomach, and intestines. All brightly colored blue and yellow small flowers. Nut-bearing trees, anise seed, marjoram, caraway, balm, bittersweet, root vegetables. All domestic pets; but especially cats and dogs. Greece, West Indies, Turkey, Brazil, Crete, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Jordan, Boston, Paris, Athens, Lyons, Corinth, and most spas and health resorts. Mercury and nickel. Navy blue, dark brown, & the color green.

Do you recognize these aspects in the Virgoan in your life? 




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