I’m participating in a yoga challenge on Instagram. Two popular yoginis from my South Florida area host a pose-a-day each month; challenging their followers to snap a photo or video themselves and tag their photo with their their sponsor, yoga clothier Alo Yoga (@aloyoga); to win weekly prizes of $250.00 gift certificates.

Alo gains exposure for their brand because these yoginis Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) and Kerri Verna (@beachyogagirl) have 1.2 million followers between them. Like it or not, Brand Ambassadorship seems to be the new business model to sell yoga clothing or jewelry.

It’s been fun and engaging for me, but by the third week, I noticed that Alo’s weekly winners all look as model perfect, thin, and uber-flexible as their brand ambassadors. I was also surprised at the difficulty level. I expected more modifications. I’ve been practicing for 14 years consistently and I’m still not comfortable with even trying unsupported headstand. This is where Western Yoga meets social media and it’s a little bit crazy and awesome all at once.

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big girl Life Ships Head framed mini art print from society6


  I commissioned this delightful artwork from my artist friend, Shari Dickson. If you look closely at her necklace it says, “Why not have a Big Life?” It’s an icon for living your biggest and best life; adventuring into the future, discovering new things that inspire you; and navigating your Big Life with the grace of […]

Hard Boiled ehggs and latrines graphic


I just finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. Her adventure hiking the Pacific Crest Trail brought back vivid-ish memories of my own struggle on the Appalachian Trail as a young Girl Scout in the early 80’s. To prepare for that I’d had just this one camping experience; one where I witnessed a near death and […]

Marilyn reading


My 9 year-old doesn’t love to read. I often have bait him to sit next to me on the couch so we read together. Halfway through his half hour session – which he insists on timing with the timer – he complained that he couldn’t get comfortable. Whereby I happily demonstrated to him my favorite reading positions; […]


Dear Gwyneth, you got Tantra wrong.

Dear Gwyneth, You should probably know first off that I am an unapologetic fan. And why not? We are fellow bloggers who love food, yoga, and a healthy lifestyle; so rock on, GP! But, as your bloggy friend, my heart sank when I read the article “An Introduction To Tantra” on GOOP. Sorry, GP, but […]




Since I met The Captain in 1992, he has always saved the wishbone from the chicken we eat. There always seems to be one drying out by the kitchen sink window. It’s sweet that he does that; and I often wonder where he picked it up from? This morning, while I was doing the dishes […]

january' 15 playlist


“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me – as is so on the road.” Jack Kerouac This month’s playlist is energizing and upbeat – the perfect kick in the booty I need in January when my inner sloth wants to get in my pajamas at 6 pm. Can you relate? The graphic is the languid gulf […]

cleaning up after yourself is a great way to burn calories

Are you a gym nuisance?

There is this guy at my local gym who really cracks me up. He’s small, as in, shorter than my 5 foot 4 inches. His gym uniform of choice?  Athletic shorts and a superman tee-shirt. I’m not sure why I find this so amusing, but I do. Other people at the gym don’t amuse me […]


Fun with astrology: get to know CAPRICORN

 The new moon on December 21st coincided with the arrival of Capricorn (December 22 -Jan 19), along with the winter solstice. That’s a whole lot of astrological energy in your sign, which means nothing but pure potential for you in the coming year. I thought it would be fun to get to know what makes […]



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