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You’re on a new adventure to the second half of your life. Are you ready?

It's time to shed your former self and metamorphose into the second act of YOU.
You will face your fears of aging.
You will reconcile with your changing hormones.
The time has come to mother yourself.
Midlife cracks you wide open.


Which future self are you headed for?

Midlife can be series of insulting revelations & jarring new realities
with some gumption, support from other women, the ability to self-coach yourself through any obstacle, and a fully-formed vision of your best future self to guide you along the way - it can be the most liberating time of your life.

Go get it, gorgeous.

Join The Midlife Revolution



Who’s Captaining middle-aged ship, anyway?

Hi, I'm Heather

I'm a mom to two teens & married to a traveling captain. I've struggled through just about every awful iteration that midlife can bring. I learned a shitload along the way - how to stay healthy, sane, course correct, and even thrive.

This place is my love letter to you.

I get a contact high off of helping women hack midlife and get back to living. I hate high heels & scratchy tags inside tank tops and I have a codependent relationship with my two Shepherds & Fitbit.

Current goals? Finger whistle and stick a handstand.

Your turn. Quick like a bunny tell me two things I should know about you AND what your biggest obstacles is to thriving in your life right now.