Big Girls Always Share: 8 Blogs That Rock


Image via: Uncovet
Image via: Uncovet


8 Blogs That Rock

As a textbook middle child, I’m passionate about sharing. It’s a quality to look for in friends and partners and something I try to instill in my kids. Sharing is at the core of being a writer, actor, artist, or dancer. Creative expression is sharing in different mediums. I think we can agree the world becomes a better place when we share what moves us.

When you think something rocks, do you share?

Making the effort to comment on something you think rocks is always a good thing. Your girlfriend looks great in that color – tell her! You mom looks like she lost weight? Tell her she looks thinner! If it’s something positive I say always share.

Which brings me to why I’m sharing 8 blogs that rock… 

I’m taking an e-course called Blog Boss which teaches professional standards for bloggers. It’s been a great experience, I highly recommend it if you’re interested in taking your blogging to a professional level. As part of my homework for Blog Boss I’m sharing a list of 8 Blogs That Rock, and I thought you might like to check them out, too, because Big Girls love to share.



Gorgeous, calm, spare, and clean aesthetic and branding. Sara has impeccable taste and design sense. In addition to all that, she’s a wonderful writer who shares that which she loved at first sight.



Several editors post often to this cleanly designed blog with topics that are hip yet down-to-earth. Shorter posts make this blog easy to read. I love the style profiles. This site has consistently great content without all the wordiness and fluff.


Joanna Goddard is a blogging veteran who’s set the standard for continuity. That has paid off by  growing her audience over the years, yet she’s stayed true to her roots and the site hasn’t changed all that much with the exception of some awesome giveaways.(!)  Her appeal is her urban style that’s grown-up right along with her readers. She now includes posts about her son and currently her second pregnancy. Post formats are interesting, timely, and comment-inducing. She’s a smart writer who’s approachable style is enchanting. She’s not afraid to share her image or family on her site.


Creator Tsh Oxenrider has a lovely site design and writes in a way that is accessible. I feel like I know her and respect her even if I don’t match her target audience exactly. Simple Mom is a great example of a blog that combines useful posts with personal ones. She always seems to get it right. I love her site’s illustration and branding. This is a blog that is ever-changing and keeps me interested.


Creator Angela Lidden cranks out delicious vegan recipes with gorgeous photography. This is more a case of content trumps site design and I think it’s most important that this be the case. Her site has all of the required elements but it’s her fresh, original recipes and photos that support this rocking food blog.


This food blog rocks because of its restraint in photography and design. Nothing is overdone, but nothing is left out. It’s so calm and beautiful to look at. Elana makes vegan, paleo-friendly, gluten-free food look delicious! The most impressive part is that the food IS delicious. I love the logo (2 almonds) that perfectly represent her use of almond flour in most recipes to replace wheat flour. She’s an author, mother, and total inspiration to me.

( 2 blogs that rock from my class)


A diplomat’s wife’s musing on life abroad and motherhood. Love the site design, lots of photos, and interesting global perspective. Ania you rock!


Clean design; spare but with all the necessary elements. Interesting posts, upbeat vibe. Loving what you’re doing Amanda Fredrickson Smily, you rock!

 Share a blog that you think rocks in the comments and share the love, Big Girl.



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