Friday links

Source: Flickr By: Plaum
Source: Flickr By: Plaum

Friday Links

Hi, Big Girls. How are you? Winter has us in it’s grasp right now. It’s a time of waiting and tucking in and planning and holding tight. I reached out to a dear friend yesterday, and it turns out everything isn’t so great with her. I love that she can tell me that. I love that she doesn’t have to pretend that she or her life or her struggles don’t exist. When she’s vulnerable, I hope she knows how it builds a bridge, opens connections, and causes untold forces to rally to her defense. It’s renewed my resolve to reach out more, and not assume my friends are fine. Thanks, Big Girl, for reminding me how much we need each other.

This weekend I hope you carve out some time to connect, too.

We don’t set out to save the world, we set out to wonder how other people are doing, and the reflect on how our actions affect other people’s hearts. –Pema Chodron

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