Weekend Links: 6/21/13

Summer at the pool 1976

Remember childhood summers spent at the pool?

The days seemed endless, we ran free in the neighborhood, spitting watermelon seeds. There was  Girl Scout camp, trips to Dairy Queen, and catching fireflies at night. My house had a big open backyard space between the garage and the back garden where the neighborhood kids would congregate at dusk. We’d lie in the grass and watch the bats circle and dive feasting on insects. The world was exciting and every day was an adventure.

I want that for my own kids. So, I constantly try to find ways to remove my kids from the ‘electronic summer’ of today.

Do you, too? 

It’s also why Block Island, Rhode Island is my favorite place on Earth.  It reminds me so much of the simpler summers of  my youth in the 70’s. Get there if you can this summer, especially if you have kids. I’ve got tips of where to go and what to do here. Wherever you’re headed this weekend, I hope you get to relax and recall those lazy happy childhood summer feelings.

Have a great weekend, Big Girl!

Weekend Links: 6/21/13

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