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Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl A Novel

by Gillian Flynn

Big Girl Book Club Pick

January 2013


I hear so many complaints about book clubs, that I consider myself very lucky to belong to a book club that’s a pure delight. We’ve been meeting for over three years. This month we are reading Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn. The Amazon review describes it as “unputdownable.”  I’m about a week behind in my reading, but I’m diving in today. Reading more often and more regularly is at the top of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013. I’ve had a steep learning curve over the past three months launching this blog; Big Girl Life, and that has eaten into my reading time. This must stop in 2013! I love my work, but I also know that losing myself in a good book is the best way for my mind to take a break from my work.


Are you resolving to read more this year?


Going forward, I’ll post the books I’m reading each month to share with you.  Use the comments section below for thoughts and reactions to the book. If you’d like to participate, simply subscribe to the comments for this post to be notified of new discussion posts, or just check back here periodically. It’s interesting to me how different books resonate differently with each reader. It helps me learn so much more about my friends in hearing their reactions to books.


Isn’t that the point of being in a book club?


Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn is a suspense novel about marriage gone terribly wrong. I’d love to have you read along with me. Feel free to post your thoughts and reactions in the comments.



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