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Gone Girl: A Novel

Gone Girl A Novel

by Gillian Flynn

Big Girl Book Club Pick

January 2013


I hear so many complaints about book clubs, that I consider myself very lucky to belong to a book club that’s a pure delight. We’ve been meeting for over three years. This month we are reading Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn. The Amazon review describes it as “unputdownable.”  I’m about a week behind in my reading, but I’m diving in today. Reading more often and more regularly is at the top of my New Year’s resolutions for 2013. I’ve had a steep learning curve over the past three months launching this blog; Big Girl Life, and that has eaten into my reading time. This must stop in 2013! I love my work, but I also know that losing myself in a good book is the best way for my mind to take a break from my work.


Are you resolving to read more this year?


Going forward, I’ll post the books I’m reading each month to share with you.  Use the comments section below for thoughts and reactions to the book. If you’d like to participate, simply subscribe to the comments for this post to be notified of new discussion posts, or just check back here periodically. It’s interesting to me how different books resonate differently with each reader. It helps me learn so much more about my friends in hearing their reactions to books.


Isn’t that the point of being in a book club?


Gone Girl: A Novel by Gillian Flynn is a suspense novel about marriage gone terribly wrong. I’d love to have you read along with me. Feel free to post your thoughts and reactions in the comments.



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  • Mora

    My husband and I are members of our mini book club. Through out our marriage we have evolved from reading separately to him reading to me most nights, now our schedules have changed so we listen to audio books( I deliver mail, he drives a semi locally, so plenty of time to”read” in the car). Gone Girl is on our list with the library, We are 26th in line for checking it out, so I knew once again my husband had picked a winner, looking forward to your post and joining in on the discussion.

  • http://heatherserody.com Heather

    Hi, Mora! Thanks for joining in the discussion. I love that you have a mini-book club with your husband. Discussing books makes reading them so much more enjoyable. I’m about halfway and it is, indeed, ‘unputdownable!’

  • Hserody

    I’m now about halfway through the book and boy, has it made me squirm. I go from hating Amy to despising Nick. I guess it’s a great compliment to Gillian Flynn that she reminds me so vividly how ugly love can turn and how we are capable of treating one another – blech! Now I’ve gotten to the major twist and turn of the book and I forced myself to go take a shower to shake off that last chapter and go outside and try to forget about this story for a while, but make no mistake; however much it makes me uncomfortable, I’m hooked.

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  • Hserody

    I met with my book club yesterday evening to discuss Gone Girl. I don’t want to give away the book, so I’ll just point out a a few highlights:
    1. This book makes a great book club pick. Everyone in my book club read it.
    2. Some members felt bad for Nick.
    3. It’s funny how you can stick with such crazy characters.
    4. I thought her most interesting theme is ‘the cool girl’ theme — how women project themselves in the beginning stages of a relationship. Are we guilty of false advertising? Do women dupe men?
    5. Bat-shit crazy makes for a great read.

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  • Mora

    Soooo…. Finished Gone Girl last week. OMG, I didn’t expect a story like that. I love it when a book sticks with you and even though you’ve moved on to other books, you’ll come back in your thoughts to a part in that book and just ponder on what were they thinking. I’d like to believe we all know people that characters like some people in books like that, maybe not to that extreme. But it makes me think if not most people we meet aren’t carrying a facade each day along side their purse, lunchbox or briefcase. Very good read.

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