Love is wabi-sabi

This is the fourth post in the Love, Deconstructed series in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Love, deconstructed #4: Love is Wabi-sabi.



How would the love in your life change if you embraced the beauty of imperfection & the impermanent nature that is love? Wabi-sabi is a philosophy that honors:

  • asymmetry
  • roughness
  • irregularity
  • simplicity
  • economy
  • austerity
  • modesty
  • intimacy
  • …and an appreciation of the creative integrity of natural objects and processes.

Wabi-sabi personified:

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  1. runslikesnail says:

    This post made me realize that all of the beautiful crazy wabi-sabi I love and embrace in my friends and my cat – I would refuse to accept in a man.

    Hmm … still single much? This might require some serious thought …


  1. […] a mix of old and new books here. The effect is a little wabi-sabi, but I’d rather that than have shelves that hold books that were never loved or even read. […]

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