My Ironing Cabinet Rocks

Image via: Ebay
Image via: Ebay

Disclaimer: this is not a cool post.

Ironing is so unpopular that  the makers of Monopoly retired the iron game piece in favor of a cat.

But; organizing IS cool and my ironing cabinet rocks. Would you like to see it?


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I had no idea such a thing existed until we bought this house. The previous owner was an interior designer and they seem to know about all these awesomely-designed things that make life easier and look pretty. If you want one for yourself, it’s made by a company called Hide Away. It gets installed in the wall between the studs. You can have it installed with or without the plug-in light and timer. I think it’s especially great if you’re short on closet space.

P.S. I wrote this review because I’m an fan of organization hacks, not because some one paid me to. See the full disclosure HERE


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