New Years Ideas: Purge & Plan




New Years Ideas: Purge & Plan


For me, this short time between Christmas and New Years is all about planning for a fresh new year, and at the same time saying goodbye to 2012. Get on the purge and plan train and join me on the endorphin rush I derive from this experience. Doing just one purge and plan task can make the process of greeting the New Year into a positive experience instead of wistful nostalgia – and really, who needs that?

Life is too short. So let’s put on our big girl pants and do some purging and planning to start of 2013 right.




  • CLEAN OUT YOUR _____________________. You know what that is for you. Do one drawer if you have 10 minutes, or as much as you have the energy for. For me, it was my refrigerator. I cannot believe how much happiness a gleaming refrigerator can give me.


Why it’s important: Physically taking control of your surroundings is one small thing that we DO have control over, and this makes our reptilian brains very, very happy. You’ll thank me later.

  • EMOTIONAL PURGE: Have you lost a loved one this year? When the year comes to an end it can feel like a loss all over again. What can you do to honor that? Frame a picture? Call someone and talk? I have a little tradition of going down to the Ancient Spanish Monastery in Miami and lighting a candle for those I’ve lost – a little pilgrimage I do to honor my heart. I pray for myself. Then I make myself a promise to bring forth the qualities I admired in that person in myself this coming year.


Why it’s important: It’s important to acknowledge the end of the year and the passing of those memories in our ‘past.’ It’s a great gift you can give to your own heart – allow what the heart feels, and honor it, in your own way. It helps you intentionally close a chapter in your emotional life.



  • Try a Vision Board if you’re primarily a visual person. Step one for this project is collecting images words or phrases that speak to your hearts desires. I use magazines. In the next week or so I’ll post a how-to with all the details for putting it together. In the meantime, gather stacks of magazines and start clipping and snipping and place them in a file folder until then. Just remember, you don’t need to know exactly what you want yet, you only need to listen to your heart. When you see something that makes your heart sing, or declare — ‘Yes, this year!’ then tear it out. Only after you’ve assembles your images, phrases, and colors together on your board will the picture of your heart’s desire start to define itself. What better present can you give yourself, Big Girl?
vision board
My Vision Board for 2012.


  • Does vision boarding sound too woo-woo for you? Create a LIFE PLAN if you are more analytical or left-brained. Productivity guru Michael Hyatt has a FREE downloadable template on his website HERE. Doing this exercise will shake you up and wake you up to the reality that you’ve got to live intentionally in order to create the life only you can imagine. This process requires an investment of time, but is one of the most empowering and practical ways I’ve ever tried for living an intentional life.

Why it’s important: If you ever thought your dreams are important to realize in this one lifetime you’ve been given, then you need to take some action to make them happen. You can’t realize your dreams if you don’t even know what they are.

To my readers, I wish you a very Happy New Year! Thank-you for taking the time to visit and for being a part of this space dedicated to friendship and creating your Big Life. I am so grateful to you. I will be doing a vision board for Big Girl Life and have lots of new plans in the works to make this site even more useful and inspiring to you.

Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or thoughts you have.

Run, don’t walk, after your dreams. 


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