Take back your weekend & links for 5/3/13

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Take back your weekend & links for 5/3/13

When we bought this house a year ago, I envisioned weekend afternoons spent reading on my back porch, sipping iced tea while the kids play in the yard. It’s my most indulgent weekend aspiration.

So why don’t I do that? 

Weekend indulgences have a fleeting window of opportunity. Dependent upon weather, time of day, & sometimes advanced planning they often get passed over. Being honest, my weekend indulgences mostly don’t materialize because I tolerate within myself an insidious habit of allowing the mundane to get in the way of even my smallest weekend aspirations. But no more!

What are your weekend indulgences?

This weekend, promise yourself you’ll do one thing that makes you ‘weekend happy.’ If you’re like me, those indulgences are simple and cheap, like naps, a bike ride, a hike in the woods, or visiting the beach. I’m promising myself to guard those aspirations against the siren call of laundry and Costco and shit I really don’t want to do. I invite you to join me in taking back your weekend, In that spirit I’ve gathered some links & diversions to get you inspired over the next 72 hours. Have a great, big weekend, Big Girl!

“Grab this day by the neck and kiss it.”

–Bill Murray

Movies: Three movies worth seeing this weekend – and yes, one involves Marc Walhberg pumping iron.

(New York Times Magazine)

How To Break a Habit or start a new one
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Change your weekend habits: the author of Making Habits, Breaking Habits talks to Gwyneth Paltrow.

Get the first chapter free here.

Cauli-no flour tortillas
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FOOD: Healthy Mexican? Yes!

Two awesome recipes from Slim Palate for Cinco de Mayo Sunday:

Cauli (no flour) tortillas 

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Paired with with healthier carnitas.

Grilled corn on the cob
Image via: Food network

Try grilling your corn on the cob – it’s epic.

the Great Gatsby - F. Scott fitzgerald

BOOKS: It’s a great time to reread the book before the movie premiers next weekend.


THE SEASON:  12 thoughts that cross my mind every Spring.

OPINION: The Wall Street Journal belittled mom bloggers this week. Here’s Morgan Shanahan’s delicious response.

FOOD: What happens when a hangry Mark Bittman meets a hot dog – or two.

TO DO: Mother’s Day gift guide


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