9 Tricks To Get To Sleep


Image Source: BrownDressWhiteDots
Image Source: BrownDressWhiteDots


Would you like to know what I do when I can’t get to sleep? 

There’s nothing worse than being unable to sleep; especially if your partner is racking up their z’s while snoring next to you. There are many challenges to having a partner to co-habit with but I think snoring is especially insidious! The bad news is I’ve only three tricks that work for this.


  • Get to sleep before your partner. This is the best way to avoid the problem in the first place.
  • Wear ear plugs.
  • If all else fails or you’ve got to get a good night’s rest; sleep elsewhere! It’s just that simple.



To avoid this problem you have to prevent it in the first place.

  • Stay active – throughout the day. I track my daily steps and get in a minimum of 10,000/day; which equates to walking about 4.25 miles; not including a workout. Doing so makes me sure I’ve been moving throughout the day which is a constant challenge for someone who spends most days at a computer. At the end of the day my body signals my brain that I need rest and so these days sleep comes fairly easily. I wrote about that in detail here if you’re interested in what I use.
  • Stay off the computer after 8-9 PM or so if you can help it. The blue light emitted from computer screens messes up your circadian rhythms which disrupts sleep. It’s just not worth it. Check Facebook in the morning.
  • Write down everything that’s on your mind in a journal beside your bed. Thought dump every thought that your mind conjures up as you relax into bed – the doctor appointment you know is coming up, (but can’t remember when), the toilet paper that you must remember to buy, the proposal that needs some thing else, etc. Get it all down, so your brain can relax.



  • Try Rest by TAZO Tea (Amazon). I’m not sure what exactly is in there but within 20 minutes of drinking it I just can’t keep my eyes open. Really. It tastes terrible so I just shoot the entire mug like a shot and get it over with. The results are worth it!
  • Try a magnesium supplement called Natural Calm in Raspberry-Lemon flavor (Amazon). It’s labeled as an ‘Anti-Stress Drink.’ That’s because magnesium, in addition to being an essential supplement that helps you absorb calcium; is a natural muscle relaxant. You mix the powder in water. It’s all-natural and sweetened with stevia natural sweetener. It t tastes a little sweet and slightly fizzy. Within 20 minutes of drinking it I feel like I’ve just sunk into the mattress a bit – sweet! Just don’t take too much because remember that some laxatives also use magnesium in higher doses and that’s not a problem you want to have if you’re trying to sleep. Take the correct amount, Big Girl.
  • Pick up a book and read. (Try this month’s Big Girl Book Club Pick.) Read something interesting enough to take your mind off its chattering nonsense, but not so interesting that it’s going to keep you from going to sleep. Is there anything better than falling asleep to a good book?

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Do you have a special trick you use to help you get to sleep? 

“Get at least eight hours of beauty sleep. Nine if you’re ugly.”

—Betty White

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