Weekend Links for 1/10/14

 sag harbor dog copyright Heather Serody

The highlight of the weekend for me will be watching Amy & Tina host the Golden Globes. I always picture myself inviting my girlfriends over for an awards viewing party; serving something elegant, but then I remember how late the show runs, and that I’d much prefer to spend the evening in my pajamas, enjoying my favorite popcorn, texting my girlfriends about the shows in real-time – the dresses, the show, the plastic surgery, the speeches; everything. Such fun. Download your fan ballot here.  The Globes start Sunday at 8:00 pm ET.

Other than watching The Globes I’ll be doing a whole lot of working out. In case you missed it, I’ve begun my ‘Younger This Year’ experiment. I’ll be blogging my experience with that over the course of this year, so stay tuned. I’ll also try to drag the Captain to the movies to see August: Osage County, because, well, it’s Meryl & Julia doing their thing together in juicy roles. Below are some fun links from my travels around the web. Have a great weekend!

Hugs – Heather

Weekend Links for 1/10/14

  • Instant love/style: this grey flannel winter hat.
  • 16 books to read before they hit theaters this year — wait till you see who’s playing your favorite characters! 
  • On regretting plastic surgery: Me and my big stupid fake boobs 
  • Netflix for readers: OysterBooks gives you unlimited books for 9.95/month.
  • Peek inside J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons’ bold & unexpected brownstone home – hello, charcoal walls. 
  • Behavior like this is exactly why I absolutely adore Meryl Streep & Emma Thompson.
  • Hearing good things about:  CBS’s new series Mom. Catch up with the entire season right now here. It returns to CBS on Jan. 13, with episode 13 at 8:30 pm CT.
  • Girls season 3 premiers Sunday at 10:00 pm eastern time on HBO.
  • The New york Times’ Oscar Season Preview: (video)
  • In case you had doubts: this 3rd grader shocked everyone with her experiment that shows the difference between organic and conventional: (video)
  • In case you missed Tina & Amy last year: here are the highlights:


Image: Sag Harbor dog copyright Heather Serody. Hat tip to Shalagh, Kim, Darlene, & Gunnar for sharing some of these finds with me. ox 



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