Weekend links for 9/6/13

 Mega yacht 'Nirvana'

I snapped this photo of mega yacht ‘Nirvana’ while she was in port in St. Thomas this past Spring. Built in 2012 and 290 feet in length, Nirvana is currently for sale for €230,000,000 (approximately $303,000,000+). Just for fun, take a look at her mind-boggling specs and take a tour here.

Although only a handful of people in the world could own mega yacht like Nirvana, those that do have invested in traveling and a lifestyle of exploration, something that’s attainable to most on some level. September begins the final quarter of 2013 and with that comes the dreaming and travel-planning that precede next year’s adventures.

Where would you go if you could own Nirvana tomorrow? 

Have a wonderful weekend! Below are some fun and interesting links if you’re in a browsing mood.



  • The surprising thing that happened to National Geographic film maker Paul Nicklen while filming a ferocious leopard seal. (video below)
  • The book-lovers guide to the Big Apple.
  • The performance that captured the heart of a nation and moved the judges of Britain’s Got Talent to tears (video below):

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