Weekend Links for 1/4/14

sleigh ride through snow

As you may know I have two boys and a wonderful husband who have all been home for the holidays. It’s not happened in over ten years, because Captain travels so much for his work, so it’s been lovely, but now the time has come…for me to go! The testosterone builds up to a critical mass in this house sometimes. I found myself wearing my yoga pants way too much, longing for girl time, and some in-depth conversation. I’m a little weary of tidying up behind them, the never-ending laundry, and how they eat and mess up the kitchen every two or three hours. So, I clicked my heels Dorothy-style and planned a road trip; just me and Mom, to see someone who has always made us laugh and makes me feel like I can do anything. We all have people like that in our lives, and they’re so special, aren’t they? My wish for you this weekend is that you connect with your special person this weekend, or make a plan to see them in 2014.

Some fun links from my travels around the web are below. Enjoy!

Hugs – Heather 


Etsy love: this handcrafted walnut sailboat with crocheted sail.

Lettuce wraps are so 2013.  Try collard wraps with carrot hummus this year.

The perfect lunch:  tuscan bean soup served with a green salad and crispy fried goat cheese medallions.

Fitness gear trends.

Loving Nike’s new free 5.0 trainer in dark blue/silver.

Why marriage isn’t for you.

Ideas on what to pack for your tropical vacation.



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