Weekend Links for 3/22/13

picnic on a car
Image via: Karicakes

Weekend links for 3/22/13

Spring has arrived! 

I’m feeling more energetic from the longer days and ready to tackle some projects and finish a Spring cleaning kick I’m on right now. One project was to (finally) figure out how to embed video and audio in my posts here on Big Girl Life — so this week’s links are a feast for the senses. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing these files.

Starting today my boys are off from school for Spring Break. My little one is currently obsessed with golf and he’s on a mission to get me out on the course. He’ll soon find out Mom is hopeless at golf. Mini-golf, anyone?  I think it’s great he can excel at something that neither of his parents are any good at and not have to live up to any preconceived expectations. Whatever else we do, I just want to be outside lately and sleep with the windows open as long as I can before the dreaded Florida summer heat comes.

What are you up to for your spring Break? 


Image via: Union Made

This tote bag caught my eye.


Image via: fleurdesignz
Image via: fleurdesignz

So did this handmade cuff.


Lime Chipotle Avos raw food recipe 2
Image via: RawOn10

Snack idea: Sweet Chipotle Lime Avocado



A fascinating interview with Peter Frampton


Have your kids heard Peter Frampton’s talking guitar? (Still so cool.)


homes made from shipping containers
Image via: EnvironmentalGraffiti

5 incredible homes made from shipping containers


How do they do that? Valet service for yachts.


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