Weekend links for 7/5/13


purplebirds1: Caitlin McGauley

The first thing my 8-year-old does after getting himself out of bed in the morning is find his older brother, Jacob. Once located, then he finds me, his mother. I was initially offended at being second on the totem-pole, but then I decided he’s just the same way that I was with my own older sister.

Siblings are such a part of how we see ourselves that I wonder if my sister understands that part of her actually lives within me. This weekend I get to revisit the familiar feel of my childhood and spend time with my sister and her kids. We will be listening to music, swimming, sunning, reading, and perhaps doing a jigsaw puzzle.

 Just like old times. 

Be sure to scroll down and check out some sweet new music in the links below – it’s my favorite! Have a wonderful weekend.


The High-Low app is Micro-journaling made simple.

If Barbie had a normal body she would look like this.

This talented artist created the illustration above — check out her other prints for sale.

Do you let things be easy?

In China: visit your parents – it’s the law.

Have you met Downton Abby’s new character?

Network news alternative: go here for updates on the crisis in Egypt over the weekend.

Found music: Baby Alpaca:


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