Would or wouldn’t: popped collar

80’s style lives on. I wrote about that before, but now there’s a new comeback: the popped collar. I spotted this Johnnie-O polo at Snappy Turtle in Delray Beach last week.

Johnnie-O wedge polo

She looks adorable. 

This shirt is designed with a wedge collar made to stand up. You don’t have to worry about some oversized collar looking ridiculous. It’s popped, yes, but understated – just perfect for summertime.

I personally love this look, but is it a trend?

Hermes, J. Crew, and John Varvatos all featured popped collars in their Fall 2013 runway looks. Here’s just a few examples from J. Crew right now:

j. Crew Fall 2013 popped collars

J. Crew camp popover

J. Crew faded chambray popover

Stretch perfect shirt: J. crew

A popped collar has always incited fierce debate, with the harshest critiques aimed at men wearing them indoors. A stylist war ensued over at Esquire on the issue that hatched the best advice given on the subject so far:

“…a man cannot pop his collar on confidence alone — a sunny day is still necessary.”

–Fred Castleberry Unabashedly Prep

My advice? do more of a flopped collar (think: one side up one side down), make it look unintentional (akin to the messy bun) and start with a Johnnie-O wedge, and wear it during the day. You can’t mess that up.

Would you try a popped collar?


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