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Hack midlife with a new mindset, lose weight & heal your body with keto

It's possible to halt midlife weight gain and even lose those stubborn pounds without hunger or deprivation.

You CAN optimize your thyroid to get your metabolism actually working again after a lifetime of chronic calorie restriction.

It's possible to feel better now about EVERY aspect of your life than you ever have.

Hack midlife by throwing all of the old rules away and opening up to what the new science says about how to to thrive in midlife.

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What is KETO?

Keto is short for ketogenic - a low carbohydrate, high fat way of eating that has been scientifically shown to balance hormones, increase energy, and heal insulin resistance.

If you have experienced the frustration of unexplained weight gain in midlife, &/or can't seem to lose weight like you used to be able to, or are just plain tired of chronically restricting calories in order to control your weight, then keto could be the solution for you.

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Hi, I’m Heather

I'm a mom of two teens & married to a traveling captain. I figured out how to reverse premature menopause (twice) and healed my hypothyroidism and insulin resistance with a ketogenic diet.

I learned that it's possible to lose weight without going hungry, and to feel energetic and youthful again in midlife.

This place is my love letter to you.

I get a contact high off of helping women hack midlife and get back to living and loving life. I hate high heels & scratchy tags inside tank tops. I have a codependent relationship with my two German Shepherds & am a little bit obsessed with my Fitbit.

Current goals? Finger whistle and stick a handstand.

How can I help you? Click the button below to ask me anything, inquire about coaching, or just say hello.

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