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Hack midlife with a new mindset, lose weight & heal your body with keto

It’s possible to control your weight in midlife without hunger or deprivation with a low-carb high-fat ketogenic way of eating.

You can heal a sluggish thyroid after years damaging calorie restriction and finally get your metabolism working again.

It’s possible to feel better in midlife about EVERY aspect of your life when you learn how to coach yourself through any obstacle and intelligently work with the law of attraction.

Hack midlife by throwing all of the old rules away about what it means to age and start believing that you too can thrive in midlife.

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What is KETO?

Keto is a low carbohydrate high-fat way of eating that balances hormones, increases energy, & tells your body to start burning your own fat for fuel.

If you have experienced unexplained weight gain &/or can’t seem to lose weight like you used to be able to or are just plain tired of chronically restricting calories in order to control your weight, then keto could be the solution for you.

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Hi, I’m Heather

I figured out how to reverse premature menopause (twice) by learning how to optimize my hormones, heal my adrenal fatigue, and control my weight again in my 40’s. That was a mighty struggle.

I opened my mind and learned the real reason why so many of us we gain weight in midlife is that the eat less/move more theory is a lie. It’s not only possible to lose weight in midlife without going hungry, but it’s also possible to heal and feel energetic and youthful again in midlife.

This place is my love letter to you.

I get a contact high off of helping women hack midlife and get back to trusting their bodies. I’m sharing what I’ve learned with you so that you too will know that you have the power to heal yourself, eat without restriction, and trust your body again.

I’m an introverted Cancerian, married to a traveling Captain, and a mother to two teens and two big Shepherds. I’m allergic to high heels and addicted to my Fitbit.

Current goals? Finger whistle and stick a handstand.

How can I help you? Click the button below to ask me anything, inquire about coaching, or just say hello.

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